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Loving and passionate
We at ServerCrafters love what we do. We work around the clock to give you the best experience for an amazing price. No question is too stupid to ask! We're here on phone, livechat and email to help you with any issues you may occur on your trip to success.

The ServerCrafters diffrence
We strive for client satisfaction. Therefore, we offer free plugin support also*. By this, we mean that if you encounter any kind of issue with your plugin, we will try our best to help you. However, please note that this is not guranteed to all plugins. We also have a plugin libary with pre-configured files for you to use!


Server locations

Quebec, Canada

Perfect for north-america users and players. In some cases also works for European

  • Intel Xeon CPU E5-2680 (2.7GHz)
    72 GB Registered ECC DDR3 RAM
    300GB SSD Disks
    1 Gbit/s Premium Network
    240Gb/s Active Mitigation
  • Strasbourg, France

    Perfect for nearly any EU country. Ping should be 60ms or less for nearly anyone in EU

  • Intel Xeon E3-1270v6 (3.8 GHz)
    64 GB Registered ECC DDR4 RAM
    450GB SAS
    1 Gbit/s Premium Network
    240Gb/s Active Mitigation
  • Copenhagen, Denmark

    Perfect for scandinavian users! Also a direct backbone to Netherlands with ping as low as 6ms!

  • Intel Xeon E3-1270v6 (3.8 GHz)
    64 GB Registered ECC DDR4 RAM
    300GB SSD disks
    1 Gbit/s Premium Network
    20Gb/s Active Mitigation
  • More Coming Soon!

    More locations comming soon!

    Please note! On each and every location we have I7 machines too. The above specifications are only a few of the actual servers used.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    01 How long does it take before I get my server?

    Your server will be delivered instantly after a sucessful payment. This can normally take up to 2 minutes before our system can see this. After this time period our system will send a command to the servers, which will start crafting your perfect server. You will get your login send to you via email.

    02 How is your pricing so cheap?

    We set our prices according to our view of the current market. However, the hardware always have costs. We can maintain this due to our partners (VPSFlame, Game-Node). All of this makes out an awesome experience that grands the customer some awesome perks! Like using the much beloved SafeSurf Cloud System, which is using over 8 backup servers in diffrent locations.

    03 I get DDoS attacks, is that OK?

    DDoS attacks happen more often then ever. In every location we have an active mitigation system that is made to actively mitigate attacks, therefore only allowing legimitate traffic to pass through to your server.

    04 I want to switch my server location, is that possible?

    Locations are depended on what you choose on order. However, we offer free server location switching. The only thing that will change is your IP. If you have bought your MC server through our partner Game-Node, you will have the option to use the Active Game Switching Platform (AGSP). This means you will be able to switch to any other game of theirs.

    05 Can I try your service?

    Of course! We offer a full 24 hour refund period with no questions asked on any new order submitted! Just ask for a refund before 24 hours and you will get the amount fully refunded to your payment method.

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